Monday, June 2, 2014

The Mirror can be Your Friend

I provide fashion and fitness help and advice as well as event services.

I stylize wardrobe for day-to-day, special event or personal shop.

I walk you through fitness and eating schedules to get into desired shape and wellness.

I would love to update your wardrobe! The rate of a closet overhaul depends on a few variables. Hourly at $50/hr or $100 for the following: list of pieces your closet lacks(to shop for), fit and color evaluation (so you never wear an unflattering look again), create looks from current closet (so you are ready to walk out the door in well put together looks right away), accessory and show pairing, and style consulting(includes hair and makeup. This usually takes about 3 hrs. After complete, there is usually enough clothes to take to a local consignment place, where most of my clients make back half or more of what they spent on the consultation/overhaul. 
Look forward to hearing back. 
(Drive costs start at $10, depending on zip code from me and if personal shopping trips are involved). 

Keeping it fresh,
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pin it

If you haven't discovered Pinterest, you are missing out. I like to call it 'my life on art boards'.
In my everyday life, I continually find inspirational things. Sometimes they are fashion staples from my favorite magazines, other times they are funny pictures of my kiddos. I use to physcially gather these 'inspirations' and create hands-on boards. Now, I have them all on-line. Any site I am visiting on-line, I can automatically "pin" my favorite things to these electronic boards!
If this is news to you, or you have your own board and would like to check out mine, click below for a sneak peek into my artist's eye.
Like this one of Jessica Beal, but maybe not so dark.
This is one of my favorite accessories: HAIR!
Keeping it fresh, Jenny

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fresh Starts for 2012

Right now, everyone is buzzing on health. "Get in the gym, go running, whatever it takes to stay in shape this year - right?" As one who prides myself if staying ahead of the game when it comes to staying fit, I commend you. However, what I want to focus on this year is keeping my face healthy.
What I mean by that is, I am going to take extra precautions, go the extra mile and be vigilant  with taking care of my face.
Step one: Clean make-up brushes daily. (If you haven't invested in a great set of makeup brushes - do it. I recommend MAC. For an affordable option, Sonia Kasuk for Target).
Make It Perfect Brush Kit/Special Edition
                                                          Mac Special Edition: Ice Brush Kit
Step Two: Ensure the make-up you are using is quality. I prefer a liquid with a powder highlighter and bronzer. (For makeup, I prefer Laura Mercier. Bare Escentuals is great for powder.)
                                 Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 (Large Size) ($84 Value)
Third: Take the time to put a mask on once a week. I used to think masks were ridiculous and a waste of money, but I recently discovered one that really works - Nicole Miller's Pore Refining Mask. Of course, everyone has different needs depending on skin type, so seek the one that works for you.

Keeping it fresh, Jenny
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My May

There is nothing better than dressing up your children. Since May was a little baby, I have enjoyed dressing her in clothes. From cute onesies to precious tutus, I have enjoyed it all! I especially love this picture, below, with her daddy. She was our one and only at this time, just about to turn two (last summer).
She has changed so much since then, but being the daughter I love to dress up hasn't changed. Loving her pigtails and bright green sweater. Some days, even now, I wish I could go back in time. Alas, I guess I will just enjoy the memory through this adorable picture.

Keeping it fresh, Jenny
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